Touch Me!!!

HTC Touch

HTC has done it again, adding a more GUI based model to their lineup in their release of the new HTC Touch.  HTC is the hidden maker of the T-Mobile Dash and AT&T 8525 and one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world. The Touch runs Windows Mobile 6, but with HTC’s proprietary touch interface, TouchFLO on top of the operating system to give users a quick way to access the functions they use most, in an appealing and tactile interface.

The svelte smartphone, comes in a sexy black finish that just screams to be held, and the phone fits easily in the palm of your hand. The Touch has a beautiful 2.8’’ screen for viewing videos, while it also supports mp3 playback, photos, camera and video camera functions.

Since it is running Windows Mobile 6, you have all the usual goodness of push email, multimedia and text messaging, IM options, calendar, contacts and task lists, internet browsing and Mobile office.

It has Wifi, Bluetooth, and USB connections and microSD for expansibility, but the device is missing a full QWERTY keyboard, one of the things that would given it a leg up over the iPhone. Another area where it fails in that since TouchFLO runs on top of the OS, after interacting with the beautiful interface you are taken back to the less GUI based, though entirely functional menu interface of the OS.

The Touch still remains a beautiful and powerful phone and we can expect to see this phone in the US in Q3, though at present there is no info on which provider will bring this touchable goodness to the US.

You can see more about The Touch at HTC.

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