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Events that Follow the Kentucky Derby

Just like every other sport there is a season for it and typically there a few major events that showcase the sport in its entirety. Sometimes a race can be compared to a primetime boxing match. Everyone from around the world is watching and betting on which horse is going to pull through and come out on top. Some even put in a parley and decide which place each of the horses will finish. There are some large  events go on after the big races which allows the slower and less competitive horses to be rooted out leading to the final race.

Kentucky Derby

For those that do not know the Kentucky Derby is held every year in the beginning of May and it is the first race that is part of the triple crown. Just winning one of these races is a huge accomplishment, but winning all of them which is call the triple crown almost never happens. On the years that a horse comes close to or wins the triple crown, the viewership, and betting is through the roof. With viewership that high there is a ton of betting in which Twinspires does a great job at handling. They pay attention to the live odds and update them accordingly. There are many betting options so do some reading and see where the odds are best. It should only be for fun unless you are a professional handicapper.

2020 Preakness Stakes

The Preakness stakes are held a few weeks after the Kentucky Derby each year. Large crowds that were hyped up from the Kentucky Derby typically attend this race. A lot more information is out there at this time which can lead for heavy betting from the handicappers. It is held each year in Maryland and is the second event of the triple crown. The cool part is that some of the thoroughbred horses get to skip the derby and come straight to the Preakness Stakes.

Belmont Stakes

The Belmont Stakes are held in the beginning of June and it marks the final leg of the Triple Crown. Any horse that has made it this far can attract some heavy betting. What makes this race different and special is the distance is further than the previous two races which adds on a ton of stress to the horses. If there are no horses competing for the triple crown that year it can become a not so popular race. However, it still attracts big bets.