Suono unveils cloth cases for DS Lite

suono-dsl-caseWhile the Nintendo DS Lite is already sexy on its own, Japanese manufacturer Suono has decided to come up with a case design of its own to add to this hot selling handheld console's appeal. While made from cloth that does not protect your DS Lite from the dreaded hinge crack (I've cracked mine accidentally while trying to open a door by barging in, where my Ice Blue DS Lite ended up as a sandwich between my thigh and the door), at least it helps keep unwanted scratches and nicks that are equally painful to look at.

Made from cotton, each of these cases come with a velcro strip that ensures your precious DS Lite remains in place while you keep it inside a handbag. The only visible drawback to such a sweet looking cloth case would be the $30 price tag slapped on it, and that is without shipping included. However, the wide variety of designs and styles could end up tempting you to part with your hard earned money.

Source: DS Fanboy

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