Genius does away with scroll wheel in new mouse


I remember approaching the scroll wheel on a mouse rather apprehensively in the past when it was first integrated in a few mouse models, but over time I have come to appreciate this indispensable aspect during my everyday interaction with the computer. Looks like the next step in mouse evolution has arrived, and this time the scroll wheel has been rendered obsolete, with a touch scroll area replacing it instead. Genius has taken pains to include this feature in the Traveler 515 Laser Mouse, offering a concave, rounded area in the same place where the scroll wheel once stood.

Not only does this get rid of more mechanical parts (which equate to less wear and tear), the Traveler 515 Laser Mouse will also appeal to those who have moved on to Windows Vista as it comes with a couple of Vista hot keys built in. These hot keys enable you to access the Flip 3D function and Smart IE search in an instant. Sensitivity can be adjusted between 800 and 1600 dpi, depending on your needs. The Genius Traveler 515 Laser Mouse caters to both left- and right-handers as it comes in a neutral design.

Source: EverythingUSB

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