Sony's Venus de mylo

MyloSony has launched this one-of-it's kind media player. Reports on Yahoo! News and Gizmodo, say the player will play MPEG-4 movies, music, and store photos on a built-in 1GB flash memory drive. You could also add more memory, of course, as the device has a slot for Sony's Memory Stick Pro Duo. The real purpose of mylo (my online life) is to connect you wirelessly so you can check your email, surf the web, send text messages through Goolge Talk or Yahoo!, make Skype calls, and anything else you want to do on the Web. The problem is the high price of $350, and the need for a Wi-Fi connection while you're on the road.  The media player that looks a lot like a gaming device--mainly the PSP--doesn't have a digital camera, which would've been quite handy. Expect the device to hit stores next month.

In the meantime, check out Gizmodo's review:

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