Shhh! My cellphone is sleeping


Certain people definitely have a greater affinity for their cellphones than others, dressing up their handsets in the most outrageous of casings while others go to greater lengths by adding a laser-etched design onto the cellphone's metal surface for a more personalized look. This Cellphone Bed Case is definitely one of the quirkier cases one has come across, treating a piece of electronics in a much more humane manner compared to starving and homeless kids in Africa. A bed for your handset? Seriously, purchasing this will probably encourage more ideas of the same kind to permeate the marketplace, and that's one of the very last things we need at this moment. After all, a cellphone is meant to be kept in a cool condition and not wrapped up snugly under some covers.

You know what would really take the cake? Each purchase of this Cellphone Bed Case coming with its very own lullaby ringtone. Let us all sit together and whisper a prayer of thanks that that has not happened. Yet.

Source: Sci Fi Tech

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