USB Eraser has dual purpose


Nearly everyone and his dog has a USB flash drive these days, and this group includes students from grade school all the way to the hallowed halls of a university. A common stationery used across all those levels of education is the humble pencil - but since erasers are so out of date these days, why not integrate it with the mechanical pencil of the 21st century? Yes, Outofstock has come up with the USB Eraser which merges the functionality of a USB flash drive and that of an eraser, ensuring you get to carry your precious data wherever you go while removing wrongly drawn lines in your trigonometry equation.

I just wonder what happens when the eraser part on the USB flash drive cover wears out in due time. Will there be refills available? The answer is in the negative from the product page at this point in time, but who knows, things might change in the future. The USB Eraser comes with 1GB of storage space and retails for 55 Euros.

Product Page via Gearfuse

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