LED Roses lights up Mother's Day

led-rosesWith Mother's Day coming up just above the horizon, you had better scramble and get your act together when it comes to purchasing a present that mom wants. She might fall for a Nintendo Wii, but those are apparently hard to come by at this point of time, so it would be prudent to take the well-trodden path of getting her flowers - roses, to be exact. This time, why not get her roses of the modern kind, specifically LED Roses that can light up, providing an extra touch of warmth and love when mom's eyes behold it.

The LED Roses definitely last a whole lot longer than biological ones that wilt within a short period of time, and the LED Roses are extremely flexible when it comes to application. You can place them on a table, in the middle of a bathtub, or by the bedside. With eight different colors to choose from, there is definitely something for mom even if she's colorblind. Each of these LED roses retail for $20, so getting a bouquet might be pretty hard on your wallet, but mom has done way too much for you to be such a cheapskate.

Source: UberReview


  1. Tiffany 7 May, 2007 at 06:40

    What a neat mother’s day gift idea for mom. I’m thinking that the techie gift ideas are a good idea this year, I will probably buy my mother a web cam this year.

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