DOC dances to iPod nano tunes and colors


The DOC MP3 speaker dock is a portable speaker system that aims to deliver full and rich sound with your uber slim iPod nano 2G. All you need to do is place the nano into the dock and you're good to go. The DOC will then pump out your favorite tunes in rich, clear sound. It looks like a frisbee and comes in an array of four colors to match the different colored nanos, namely white, black, metallic green, and metallic pink. I'm not too sure how the trio of AA batteries fare though, so it would be prudent to buy yourself rechargeables since they will save you a wad of ca$h in the long run.

Interested parties can pick DOC up from Brookstone for $39 a pop. I must say, it definitely is a pretty refreshing sight in the face of hundreds of iPod speaker docks that flood the market currently.

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