Pink Stinger is a taser in disguise

pink-stingerLadies ought to carry some form of personal security at all times since you never know when the next weirdo might strike. After all, it would be better to stick to the "prevention is better than cure" adage since your life could be at stake. The Pink Stinger is one self-defense device that will definitely fit into your handbag comfortably without raising anyone's eyebrows since it comes in the form of a tampon. Yes, you read that right - a tampon.

The Pink Stinger is capable of discharging up to 50,000 volts of power to your assailant via the couple of prods in the Stun setting. Should you smell danger coming from afar, you can always set the Pink Stinger to Taser mode, where the two extra absorbent cotton tampons equipped with barbed probes will be able to fly up to 14 feet away, attaching itself to clothing or bare skin and introducing your assailant to a world of pain and public humiliation as you summon help.

Source: American Inventor Spot

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