Knife of Life picks up award


I personally have never found any need or use for the Swiss Army Knife, but that is probably due to my sedentary lifestyle that requires nothing more than a scissors to cut open the packaging of gizmos and games that arrive at my doorstep. For those who lead a much more active lifestyle, I presume the Swiss Army Knife is an essential item. With so many varieties being available in the market, the Knife of Life from Victorinox lays claim to being the best of the bunch after picking up the "2007 Knife of the Year" award at the recently concluded IWA and Outdoor Classics Exhibition held in Nuremberg, Germany.

This victory is not a hollow one as the Knife of Life was pitted with more than 77 other knives from 34 different manufacturers. It features a unique Safety Glass Saw that can slice through windshields quickly. Other features include screwdrivers, a reamer, a bottle opener, a wire stripper, tweezers, a toothpick, and a large locking blade for all-purpose cutting. At $80, you can't really place a price on an emergency tool where lives are concerned.

Source: Book of Joe

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