No Constraints Carpet an interesting concept


Walk into most homes and chances are you'll be greeted with a carpet or at the very least a rug that adorns the living room floor. Not only does a carpet keep the floor warm during those frigid winter days, it also helps lend a much warmer ambience to your home. Panasonic has recently paraded its tentatively named "No Constraints Carpet" in Japan last week, bringing a modern, technological twist to the humble carpet. The No Constraints Carpet comes with a luxurious coat of fake fur that houses a bunch of smart heating elements which warm up only in areas that you touch or cuddle.

This definitely helps you save a whole ton of power as you use the heating elements as and when you need them. There are two sizes to choose from - 1.5 meters and 7 meters. Each carpet's fur will be available in three color choices, namely white, brown, or black-and-white. When not in use, you can always turn the No Constraints Carpet to a sofa decoration. Additional details including pricing are currently unavailable.

Source: Ubergizmo

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