Portable Mister keeps you cool

portable-misterYou know how swelteringly hot the weather can get during summer as all that you want to do is just take it all off and jump into a nearby swimming pool or lake. Unfortunately, decency laws don't exactly allow you to do just that, which is why the Portable Mister has been marketed as a tool to keep you cool despite the burning heat around you. All you need to do is pump the Portable Mister a few times quickly and press a button, where an ultra fine mist will be dispensed in the direction where its pointed at (presumably you in this scenario), making you feel up to 30° cooler. This is almost like a portable air conditioner, but if it works along the same principle, Greenpeace activists will have a field day crucifying the Portable Mister due to its detrimental effects on the environment.

This 2.5 oz bottle can fit comfortably into any purse or backpack, making it the ideal traveling companion especially during the warm and humid summer days. Thankfully, they're refillable and retail for $14.99 a bottle.

Source: Book of Joe

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