UV Beads Checker tells you to stay indoors


Everyone knows that while UV light is essential for plants to engage in the process of photosynthesis, it can be pretty damaging to human skin, causing us to age much faster than we'd like when we're overexposed to it. In Japan, women claim that UV light is the biggest enemy as those crow lines appear way before they should (or at least, that's what they think, but who are we to argue with a country that has the most elderly people in the world?) While there are tons of beauty products that help fight against this skin scourge, the UV Beads Checker subscribe to the adage "prevention is better than cure".

The UV Beads Checker look like an ordinary string of transparent beads, changing color under strong UV light. They can be attached to your cellphone as charms or even worn around your wrist as a bracelet, with the option to add in an extra piece of Swarovski crystal. Prices start from $6 upwards, depending on the amount of beads strung. I don't know about you, but do you really need a device that tells you not to stay too long under the sun?

Source: Gearfuse

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