Cat's rear end sharpens pencils


Now the person(s) who invented this certainly has a sadistic streak inside, and boy would I ever not want to be his/her pet cat as the source of inspiration. Perhaps the designer was clawed pretty badly during his/her younger days by a feline, but certainly the Cat's Arse Sharpener is one step too far when it comes to taking revenge? The name itself explains everything - all you need to do is insert the blunt tip of a pencil inside the cat's nether regions and start sharpening your pencil.

The white, plastic cat will begin to meow as the pencil is being sharpened (out of pain or otherwise, I'll leave that to your imagination). The litter tray located at the bottom is there to collect all your pencil shavings for disposal later. Interested parties and cat haters can pick up this interesting gift idea for £6.95 a pop.

Product Page via Ubergizmo

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