Tykho Bulb Lamp gets all squishy

tykho-bulbThe Tykho Bulb Lamp is one home improvement idea that will definitely bring some much needed color into any dreary room, and what makes it stand out from the rest would be the soft silicon rubber exterior that houses a cool fluorescent tube light source within. This means you will be able to press the exterior in pretty much the same way as that of a baloon without any adverse effects. The Tykho Bulb Lamp can be powered by a quartet of AA batteries or via an AC adapter. If you're going to stick to the former, I'd suggest you pick up a rechargeable battery set to keep the environment green.

Another advantage of having the Tykho Bulb Lamp would be saving yourself and the rest of your family members the dangers of getting cut should a wayward football or your husband's misdirected golf shot knock it over the table. All you need to do then would be to replace the fluorescent tube light source and life can resume normally. The Tykho Bulb Lamp retails for approximately $60 a pop and comes in a wide variety of bright colors.

Source: Technobob

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