Cushion Control set blends in with sofa

cushion-controlThe TV remote control can be a pretty elusive device in any home, often disappearing at the most inopportune moments, you'd think it actually has a life of its own. Those who have no need for one of those fancy universal remote controls and yet require a TV remote that won't get lost anytime soon can check out the Cushion Control solution from Didier and Nicholas. Coming in a set of three pillows, one of these pillows feature the power button, the other controls the volume on your communal box, while the last pillow changes the channels.

Pricing and availability details are unknown, but having the Cushion Control is a pretty neat idea. No word on how it sends signals to the telly, but chances are it will use RF since the Cushion Control set doesn't look as though there were any IR transmitters embedded within. Just make sure you have a matching bedsheet to go.

Source: Daily Gadget

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