Chinese Take Out Lamps bring tasty lighting solution


Dressing up your home is a very personal experience, and most women love to go about dabbling in different themes while their other half forks out some dough for the bills. There is nothing quite like having a unique lamp to light up your living room at night, bathing it in a soothing light after a long hard day at work. The Chinese Take Out Lamp adds an oriental touch to any living room, coming in the form of a generic take out box that you see in many a Chinese restaurant.

For those who are apprehensive of having one of these in your home due to it being made of paper, rest easy. The Chinese Take Out Lamp uses heat resistant paper and comes with wire handles and a pair of genuine chopsticks to up the ante in the authentic department. There are four colors to choose from - lime green for good luck, gold for achieving wealth, violet for vitality of life, and red for happiness, so pick wisely. Otherwise, you can always get all four colors and experience the most bountiful year ever. Each Chinese Take Out Lamp retails for $14.95.

Source: Nerd Approved

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