Keep your bathroom odor free

brondell-breezaThe Breeza Warm toilet seat from Brondell offers a much more pleasant experience whenever anyone goes in and lay a log or two. Why do we say so? The Breeza Warm toilet seat comes with a 4-stage deodorizing system which does a great job at trapping and neutralizing any offending odors before there is a chance of it wafting out to the rest of the house, thanks to an ultra quiet fan. The carbon filter will be able to perform its job for up to half a year before a replacement is required, while the fragrance vent needs replacements every month.

The toilet seat itself is powered by a standard GFI wall outlet and offers three temperature settings to keep your tush warm and comfortable during those cold, frigid winters. A body-activated smart sensor ensures the anti-microbial seat is heated automatically whenever you are about to plant your derierre on it. Each purchase comes with a 5 year limited warranty, but I suspect it will probably last much longer than that.

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