Me-Mo modular system concept


Assuming you're a tech savvy corporate lady of modern times, a quick look in your handbag will probably reveal the presence of an MP3 player, a cellphone, a digital camera, and perhaps even a personal GPS navigation system. While all these devices function pretty well on their own, won't it be nice if you could snap on all of these into a single device? The Me-Mo concept features a master unit that comes with jacket buttons which can be used to tack on other high performance hardware accessories such as a cellphone, GPS navigation system, and digital camera among others.

Additional buttons can also be placed on your clothing, bags, walls, furniture, and virtually anywhere that's convenient to you, whereby other hardware accessories can be snapped on easily. They say the sky's the limit, but in this case, you're limited by your creativity. Will we ever see the day where this concept will be realized, or have the distinctive hardware flavors of many products been saturated into an irreconcilable situation?

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