The ultimate geek boxer shorts for your man

geek-boxersBeing a geek these days is pretty much an external affair. All you need are a pair of thick-rimmed glasses, disheveled hair, the signature white of iPod earbuds sticking out from your ears, a PSP or Nintendo DS Lite in tow, and a laptop in hand. While anyone can cobble together that look with a sizeable amount of money, not everyone is willing to truly go all the way. This pair of Computer Keyboard Boxers are strictly reserved for the hardcore geeks, featuring a whole bunch of keyboard keys that dot the entire landscape of this comfortable pair of undergarment.

It is interesting to note that the gray keys actually spell out the words "Computer Geek", which gives your geek street cred a boost of 10 points at the very least. I suppose not that many people have picked this up from fear and embarrassment of being discovered as the Computer Keyboard Boxers have already been marked down twice from the original sticker price of $20.50 to a more affordable $15.99.

Source: Crave

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