Party Ice Luge is literally too cool

party-ice-lugeFor those of you who still think that downing Tequila shots is still pretty hip, get a clue. The latest drinking fad consists of doing a number of rounds at the Shot Luge. Those who have absolutely no idea on what the Shot Luge is, listen up! This unique ice block comes with carved out luge trails that were created specifically to channel streams of alcoholic beverages from the top of the slope down to a shot glass or an open mouth, whichever works better. This isn't exactly a D.I.Y. kit as you can pick one up from Amazon for $23.

Just make sure the Party Ice Luge has been filled with water and left frozen for 24 hours before the ice mold can be used. Definitely one of the more fun methods of getting drunk, just ensure you travel with a designated driver who is allergic to alcohol yet is willing to put up with your less than sober antics in the name of friendship.

Source: New Launches

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