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Top Wallets for Money Transfer

When everything's coming up digitally including shopping, food orders, and more, so why not the money transfer. Here's the role of e-wallet comes into the role.  Nowadays, there are numerous money transfer wallet running but when it comes to sharing the bank details online we always look for the wallet where we can trust on and can share all the information. That's why, here I have curated a list of top wallets list for money transfer that possesses numerous features including safe send/receive transfer, bill payment, transfer track and more. You can join any one of them and make life easier and eliminate all the hassle related to money from your life. Go for split bills, online payments on merchant websites by sign up into any one of them. Now, look out at these name along with the matchless features they exhibits to make their users satisfied with their services.

Western Union

Sending money right from your mobile has really made the life very easier and money transferring process a task of seconds. Apart from this, western union coupon code also makes the user earn free points that can be redeemed in further transactions. There are numerous reasons that why should you go for Western union mobile app including money transfers in minutes, send by debit card, choice, and convenience.


  • Transfer money directly to participating bank account
  • Send money, check exchange rates, pay bills, and track a transfer right from the palm of your hand
  • It is fast and easy to send money online
  • Earn reward points for the money you send, which you can redeem these points for benefits like fee reduction

2) Paypal

Paypal is today's one of the most renowned online money transfer wallet. All you need to do is to verify your personal details Paypal, then you're ready to send or receive upto $10,000 at one time. Within a blink of an eye, anyone can transfer the money to any other Paypal account or bank account. The best thing, it is free to transfer or receive of money through Paypal. Plus, you can withdraw the Paypal balance into your bank account. Moreover, it is very easy to use and can be used for your bill payments on numerous merchant websites and in stores as well.

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  • Paypal does not charge a single penny to send money through Paypal balance or bank account
  • Paypal does not charge a single penny on receiving money through any other account
  • It is free to withdraw money to the bank account
  • Paypal allows a user to transfer upto $10,000/transaction
  • You can use Paypal at select merchants and restaurants to pay for your bill
  • Use the Paypal for online bill payments


Venmo is yet another great app that is owned by Paypal but absolutely different from Paypal. The primary feature of this app is it helps you and your friends to split bills. Once you signed up into this Venmo app on your smartphone then you can easily reimburse friends at restaurants rather than dealing with hassles of splitting the check. Even, it is also a very good app to use in money transfers for business. This wallet is easy to send money using the linked debit card bank account.


  • It is free and easy to send money using your linked debit card bank account
  • Hassle free way to split bills among your friends
  • Instant withdrawal from a bank account

4) Sqaure Cash

Square cash offers free transfers, withdrawal, and receipt of funds. If you need to cash out, you don't have to wait for a couple of days for a bank transfer, like other wallet services. This wallet comes up with an amazing feature i.e. you can instantly transfer the fund by just paying 1% extra fee. Otherwise, the normal mode it will take upto two business days for money withdrawal. Let it be more clear with an example if you're transferring $100 to someone, only $99 will be transferred into their account because $1 will be taken away as a fee.


  • Square cash do not charge a single penny for loading money through debit card or bank account
  • It is absolutely free to send money from the bank account
  • Free to receive money and withdraw money to a bank account
  • If you want instant to withdraw then you need to pay 1% fee
  • 3% fee, paid by the sender, for payments from credit card
  • 2.75% fee, paid by the recipient for business payments
  • Instant money transfers
  • Standard withdraw take two business days but instant withdraw has a fee structure
  • The starting limit for initial senders is $250 per week
  • The money sending limit after verifying ID is $2,500/week

5) Google Waller

Google wallet is no doubt one of the most simple and quick way to send and receive money online. Because of its speed and flexibility, it offers. Most the wallet apps are fast, but they take few days to transfer the money back into their bank account. But this, won't happen to google wallet. Once the recipient receives the fund they can directly transfer the money into their debit card. Even, this wallet holds a very big advantage, i.e. if the recipient doesn't active on Google wallet, then they can accept funds through email or text.


  • Free to send and receive money through Google wallet
  • It is absolutely free to withdraw money to a bank account
  • Google wallet supports instant money transfer and instant withdrawal to a bank account
  • The money sending limit of this wallet is $9,999/transaction and $50,000 per five day period
  • The app offers instant withdrawal to debit card

Final words

All the aforementioned top wallets are best to serve the purpose of sending/receive money, pay bills, track transfer, check exchange rates, and many more right with your smartphone. The power to send money around the world with these wallet has definitely removed the hassle of handling money transferring to different bank accounts really a task of few taps.