LG shines with candybar KE770

lg-ke770LG is well known for offering design variants of a particular handset, and this started off in a big way with the huge success of the slider Chocolate that ended with with a clamshell version for the masses. The Korean electronics giant is taking a similar approach with the LG KE770, also known as the Shine. This candybar handset will offer an alternative to those who do not like the slider approach.

What can one expect from this latest LG offering? Exact details are scant at the moment, but we can safely see that the 2 megapixel camera and a microSD memory card slot will make it to the final release. The candybar LG KE770 measures less than 0.4" thin and will be available as a GSM model. There is just something about the KE770's cold, metal exterior that makes the cellphone look powerful. If you have to pick one, which would suit you better – the candybar or slider version? Either way, be prepared to wipe off fingerprints oh-so-often.

Source: Electronista

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