Intelligent Door Handle lights up

illuminated-handleNo, the bright red tube that you see isn't a leftover from Darth Vader's lightsaber but is actually part of a door handle. Dubbed the Brighthandle, this unique contraption doubles up as a privacy handle as well courtesy of its color codes. Whenever the thumb turn is activated, it will automatically alert you with a red light if the room is occupied, while a lovely green glow indicates the coast is clear to step in without any reservations. Other than the colored section, the rest of the handle is made from good old stainless steel.

While the idea is pretty innovative, there are several snags to consider such as wiring the necessary wires directly into the door which could result in a hefty installation fee. For those who prefer a less high tech approach to their toilet doors can safely consider locking the door using the traditional method where even a single cell organism knows if the toilet is occupied or not.

Source: NerdApproved

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