SolidAlliance mice ball-ed me over

sa-ball-mouseSolidAlliance is extremely well known for their range of extremely quirky USB products, with the sushi range of USB flash drives coming to mind almost immediately. This company from Japan has recently lifted the veil on a trio of fashion mice that looks more like torture devices than anything else. The three are the Choikawadeco Mouse, the ChoiWara Mouse, and ChouWara Mouse Spider. When translated, they mean "a little bit CUTE", "a little bit NAUGHTY", and "a little bit SUPER NAUGHTY" respectively.

I'm not too sure why they are called that way, but the strange naming convention definitely suits the shape and design of all three. They come in a round shape with an extension cord connected to your computer via USB. Four buttons are located for you to click, and the strange thing is there isn't any trackball or optical/laser eye found in mice. Instead, all three feature a motion sensor system of some sort that detects the mice's movement, pretty much in the same way as the Wii remote.

Source: Akihabara News

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