75% of Women Don't Know Gadgets

188780451 4daed674b4 oThere was a study done in the UK that says 75% of women do not know how to use their mobile gadgets other than basic features. According to the study, seven out of ten women ask their partners or children for advice on how to operate digital cameras, MP3 players and even cell phones. Some of these women even have their partners download music to there MP3 players because they don’t know how. The study was conducted for the major electronics retailer Comet. The retailer plans to introduce a team of female gadget experts called Gadget Angels. This team will help women break down there fear of gadgets and help them become more comfortable with today’s new technology. They will also be helping shop staff to better respond to women customers. I know that there are a lot of tech savvy women in the US, but these numbers do seem to fit, even here. The majority of women I know are technophobes, so I think this would be a great program to bring to the US.
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  1. Jan 14 July, 2006 at 08:04

    Go figure what happens in other countries… Im from Mexico, and carry so many gadgets that other women are afraid of ME! jejejeje

    Great blog, darling!

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