Nintendo DS Lite goes solar


Since we're on the topic of solar power, let us take a look at the solar powered Nintendo DS Lite. While the built-in li-ion battery of Nintendo's latest handheld already features a pretty impressive battery life, you still can't get your gaming fix whenever you're stuck in the great outdoors with nary a power outlet in sight. Why not harness the natural power of sunlight and use it to give you virtually unlimited gaming time while everyone else is out fishing and doing other outdoorsy stuff?

All you need is a Nintendo DS Lite (d0h), a DS cart, a solar power charger, a metal latch, some glue, and spray paint in the same color as your DS Lite. The solar power charger must be modified slightly to connect the DS Lite's battery charger cable directly to the solar panels and you're good to go. It takes approximately two hours to fully charge the DS Lite under bright sunlight, but this is hoping your DS Lite's plastic doesn't warp or crack by then.

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