Why Choose When You Can Have Both: Gems On My Gadgets

With the huge variety of "blinged" out gadgets this year, a girl doesn't have to choose between gems or gadgets this Valentine's Day. She can have both! Boys take heed if you are having trouble between deciding on that gold heart necklace or the latest electronic gizmo.

Solidalliance, famous for their unique usb drives, has these Swarovski studded USB keys. The I Heart You one is perfect for Vdays. She will be thinking of you everytime she is transferring data from her computer. Available in 512MB, 1GB or 2GB.

Taken from [Akihabara News]

If diamonds are your girl's best friend and gadgets are her second love, then this is the perfect accessory for her....computer: The world's most expensive mouse encrusted with real diamonds from fabstuff. You can also personalize it with your own message! Forget the diamond ring from Tiffany's, at the price of $24,000+, if she doesn't marry you, I will.

Girls love talking on the phone. You just can't go wrong with the Diamond Crypto Smartphone which is made of solid platinum, rose gold and encrusted with white and blue diamonds. If the $1.3 million price tag is too steep for you, try one of the other phones from this list of the most expensive cell phones from this past year.

So everybody has an ipod nowadays. Help your girl stand out with this gold and diamond casted mp3 player by Trekstor for $20,000. Who wants a pink ipod now?

Ok, so even if you can't afford these blinged out gadgets remember to show your geeky girl some love today even if it's with a free ecard!

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