MouseRug for Aladdin


I find it strange that when it comes to computer peripherals like the mouse, there are plenty of hardware manufacturers out there who have the time to think of some pretty solid designs, but the mousepad suffers the indignation of being overlooked. Some mousepads are even sexist in nature, featuring oversized boobs that are filled with some sort of gel for you to rest your wrist upon and stoke those illicit desires within. The MouseRug that you see here is modeled after different kinds of rugs to suit your taste.

I suppose the lack of interesting mousepads in the market is due to the fact that mice have since lost their balls and moved on to optical, and now, laser technology that doesn't require a proper surface to function properly. Will these rugs actually cause carpet burns on your hand as you move too fast to grab that last second frag? Prices start from $18.98 onwards.

Source: Uber Review

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