Sexy towel elicits more than a laugh

cute-towelTowels are a very personal thing, and as for me there is nothing better than a soft, white cotton towel fresh from the laundry. Couple that with the sweet smell of some fabric softener just makes me want to bury my face in the fluffy towel forever. I like mine plain and white, but there are others who love different colors (single or multiple, it really depends on the individual) to influence their mood for the day. For females who want to give something a little 'naughty' to their boyfriends/husbands, they can always pick up this sexy looking piece of bathroom article which feature the printed legs of a lady. Wearing this towel around one's waist provides a pretty comical visual effect that is bound to capture anybody's attention, especially in public places like pools and by the beach.

I have totally no clue on where to purchase one of these as I received this picture in my inbox from another friend. Do any of our readers have a clue? If the answer is in the affirmative, I would appreciate it if you leave a comment below, preferably with a price attached to it.

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