Ice cream fiends, rejoice!

cuisinartWinter is just over and spring has barely started into full swing, but some of us already have thoughts that point toward a nice, hot summer. Imagine three months of nothing but fine weather and sunshine, along with all the mandatory summer activities (and we don't mean being cooped up in your home mashing buttons on a video game console!!) such as sunbathing, cycling, hiking, and for the younger tots - ice cream! Those of us who love this frozen treat can tell you just how amazing the entire taste and texture melts in the mouth - it is an experience quite like no other. Serious ice cream lovers often spend a huge chunk of their money on it, so why not take the road less traveled and make your own ice cream?

The Cuisinart Mix It In Ice Cream Maker is capable of churning out your very own frozen concoctions with an added bonus - it is also capable of mixing in whatever topping you fancy. Oreos, M&Ms, Ovaltine, and even raisins are all fair game as it all boils down to your taste and creativity. All you need to do is pull a tab to send your favorite topping down the chute on top of a cone or bowl. It takes approximately 20 minutes to half an hour for a frozen dessert unlike hours as required by our forefathers. The Cuisinart Mix It In Ice Cream Maker retails for a dollar shy of $100.

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