I don't know about you but I'm late on jumping on the XM radio bandwagon.  I guess living as far out as I do it takes me time to catch up on some things.  We recently shopped for an XM setup and I went on a hunt for some alternatives to the high priced options at retail stores.

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Needless to say I stumbled upon the manufacturers sites and wandered around to find the "best" option for home.  I found this little gem at a good price and plan to try it out.  I've had good luck with Altec Lansing products in the past and hope for the best.

The XM3120 is a cradle for your Roady XT or Audiovox Xpress.  It boasts quality bass, a built-in XM cradle, clear XM signal, harmonious design and wireless control.  I'm lazy enough that I get excited about it being wireless.

Basically you remove your above setups from your car, carry them inside your home and place them in the XM3120's cradle.  Priced at just under $100 I think this one's a good choice as a second option for those that have teens that like to rock out.

Visit the Altec Lansing site for details.

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  1. C Underwood 12 June, 2006 at 19:10

    I don’t know about this particular item, but I do own a Altec Lansing cradle for my Ipod. It is very small but big on sound. I didn’t think it was going to sound as nicely as it does. I use it daily when I’m in the shower or I’ll move it to the kitchen when I’m cooking. I can say it’s a great idea if you are into portablility.

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