Computer Bed

141958666 b194455d5c mIf you have found yourself with a small amount of space and a large amount of time spent on computers, this 'computer bed' is for you.  Similar to the murphy bed, this brings space saving to a new level.

Using gas assisted pistons, the bed will go from computer desk to bed in moments.  The computer area ends up being just under the bed and has good spacing to keep any heat from building.

No need to move a thing--just use the desk for any storage or setups and the items stay balanced with the easy movement they have designed for this bed.  It's a little pricey but I could definitely see it being used to save space.

The company has many different models but I was most interested in this one, being the Techie Diva that I am.  Visit the site to see The Computer Bed in action via a .gif image and view the details and pricing.

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  1. Avitable 9 May, 2006 at 06:52

    That’s an interesting concept, but I’d guess that if your income is low enough that you have to live in a cramped apartment, buying this might be too pricy, too.

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