3Style Mouse

Cylo has a new mouse and it's a neat concept but would take some getting used to.  It's the new 3Style mouse for 3D applications.  Not only does it do the usual point + click action but you can turn the mouse to the left or right for other options.

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Choose items on a menu quickly or work with a program that normally would take keyboard action.  The three-dimensional aspect is a neat idea and could be put to good use for some programs.  I'm just not sure that I could adjust to such a mouse when for so long...ok, change is good.  I'll check one out as soon as I can.  This one's much like the click wheel on an iPod, isn't it?

The site has a nice phrase as follows:  Evolve:Revolve, which I kinda like.  It makes it easier to accept the fact that change comes along and sometimes it's best to take that road.  The site also claims that this mouse might give one a competitive edge when gaming.  I'll have to think about that...

Watch a Video of the Product

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