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E-Neccessities has created a Digital Photo Cube that will capture 25-30 digital images and allow you to share them with others.  The screen is 1" and the photos rotate between pictures.

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The little box is 2 5/8" square and connects to your computer with a USB 2.0 connection.  Cost is around fifty dollars for this gadget.  It would be more useful in a remote location and I'm assuming you can carry it away from your computer, or what use would it have?  You could just place the photos on your desktop screen saver and save the money.

I suppose it could be useful though and would allow you to share photos in a unique way.  Take a look at it and tell me if you'd spend that amount for this gadget.  I'm curious.

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  1. Geek Chic 7 March, 2007 at 07:34

    Digital Photo Cube

    Digital Photo Cube é uma grande adição a qualquer área de trabalho, pode ser conectado ao PC via USB 2.0, capacidade para armazenar até 30 fotos digital. Compatível com Windows 98+. Preço em torno de USD$50 fonte: TechieDiva…

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