Part 3 (of 3) Switching to a Mac

Part 1 mentioned how you can continue using your Windows skills by installing Parallels or Bootcamp on your Mac. In Part 2, I gave you some easy tips on how to convert yourself by getting used to Mac OS hotkeys.  Part 3 of switching to the Mac, is an informational guide of some of the cool applications that are available for your Mac.

I'm going to just touch up on a few of the applications, but Peter Baer wrote a blog entry of tons of applications for a Mac in: Business, Communication, Development, Editors, iTunes/iPod, Miscellaneous, Multimedia, Networking, Organizing, System, Utility, Web, Widgets.

If you have any applications that you like to use with your Mac, let me know! I’m interested in hearing about them.

Adium is a universal chat client that connects to almost every instant messaging protocol Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, iChat, and more. Its flexible interface leaves room for amazing customizations, including themes, icons, and even plugins.

Quicksilver will automatically index your most frequently used applications, folders, and documents for use towards adaptive, instant searching. This is an awesome application for use of keyboard shortcuts and  has some awesome plugins too.

You still like the Windows WMV files? Well this plugin enables you to view WMV files using Quicktime.

Super Duper
Super Duper, is a super duper application that backs up your hard drive in a snap. It also comes with scheduling, updates, scripting for $27.

Burn The name explains it call, it is a easy and free CD/DVD burner for your Mac.

HandBrake is a DVD to MPEG-4 ripper/converter. So you can change your DVD into Mpeg 4 files that can be stored on your hard drive.

AppZapper Is the super duper version of uninstalling applications that don’t leave behind any extra files in a zap!

Cyberduck This application goes with your cute duck from Adium. This application is an open source FTP with a really easy interface and has awesome support for the Mac OS systems.

Growl is a notification system for Mac OS X. This notifies you to provide information with out having to switch back and forth from the application you are viewing. 
Pimp out your applications icons by using CandyBar. You can modifty all your icons that are on your Mac for your viewing pleasure.


  1. Antonio 22 February, 2007 at 10:44

    Haven’t run into many people that use Candy Bar….I like it. iRatchet is s good biz tracking app. Gallerie is cool for creating web slideshows. Oh, and Flip4Mac is essential….and excellent encoding with the Studio version. Check out their new DVD imaging app:

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