Backup Software that Works

To follow up on my Backup post, I'd like to recommend software out there that will help you create backups in a flash. One backup product available is Acronis True Image 10.  This product will create an exact image of your computer at the time you back it up, and can also be scheduled to take incremental backups to ensure an ongoing updated backup.

In order to have a full backup you will need either some sort of burner (DVD or CD) or an external drive.  If you want incremental backups an external USB drive is recommended. 

One of the many features of True Image is being able to access individual files from the backup.  This is done without having to restore the whole computer.  It is fairly quick and painless even for the technically challenged user. 

Factory restore cd vs Acronis

Acronis creates an image of your computer, much like a snapshot taken at the time of the backup.  When you run a factory restore, your computer will look very much like it did when you purchased it.  All of your documents, pictures, Itunes, and personal settings such as backgrounds and font changes will be gone.  If you aren’t a computer packrat then you probably would not care.  However, if you’ve accumulated a vast array of those funny videos people send or have customized your computer just the way you like it, you might want to purchase this product. 

You can download a 15 day trial version at Please read the FAQ’s for OS’s supported.  The full version can be purchased for 49.99. 

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