The Apple Switchers Project

100applecollageSome of us here at Techie Diva switched to Macs recently. Nick is documenting his switch, while I cheer from the sidelines. Nick Young, one of our readers, is also an Apple switcher except he's on a different mission. He hopes to create a collage of Apple users and switchers to celebrate being part of the amazing Apple community. If you want to participate, you can view his link here. All you need is your mug shot (preferably one that really compliments you), and a link to your blog space. I think this is great idea, and a way for other new users to find each other in this ovewhelming space we call the Internet. His goal is to recruit 100 new Apple souls, but I hope he doubles that number. There can't never be too many Macfans.


  1. neyoung 26 January, 2007 at 00:04

    First of all, thanks a bunch to the link to the project! Its slowly gaining some speed.

    Nick, great to have you on board. Surf on over to the link in the story above and leave your info and I’ll get you in the collage 🙂

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