Are colorful Gadgets wooing you?

Canada's CTV has an article about the changing marketing techniques technology retailers are using to reach out to women and their spending power.  Tactics include sprucing up stores, ensuring women are represented in commercials, and redesigning products with the female shopping in mind. Manufacturers now offer most gadgets in pastel hues and multi-colors to appeal to women.

So why are we being targeted now? One worldwide survey last year suggested women get involved in 89 per cent of all consumer electronics decisions and make spending choices on 63 per cent of personal computer purchases.

Since mid-April, 72 Sony stores have displayed pink banners inviting women to undergo a "technology makeover" that includes a "girls only" evening where customers are being offered fancy chocolates and scented body lotion, along with tech tips. This gives women the opportunity to ask questions in a pressure free environment". [Source]

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