iTWYF Touch With Your Fingers


Have you ever tried to make a phone call with gloves on, let say during winter, or even write a text message? Anyway, all I know its hard to push tiny buttons with gloves on, but maybe not for long thanks to Axessimo International. They have reinvented the leather glove. Meet iTWYF "I Touch With Your Fingers" these gloves will enable you to press even the smallest button comfortably with ease. May it be your cell phone, Mp3 player, or even video game you don't have to worry about taking you gloves off. Made from genuine leather, these gloves are comfortable and durable. They also feature a built-in stud that allows you to touch and type on your LCD screen just like a stylus pen. With the iTWYF you can free your thumb using the adjustable Velcro, and this makes it easier for you to use your gizmos.

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iTWYF [Via MoCoLoco]

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