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This is the coolest T-shirt out there for all you girl/women Halo gamers! It is a t shirt made by Magilla-DA-Killah and it is on Threadless.com but NOT ready for purchase. Why is it not ready for purchase? This t shirt did NOT win to become manufactured. Confused yet?  Well, Threadless.com allows you to submit your own t-shirt design and they the post the pictures of your shirt to be voted. Then YOU vote for which t-shirt you want Threadless to manufacturer. So if your t-shirt gets the most votes you not only get your t-shirt manufactured, but you also win a cash prize of $2,000!!! Plus sometime the prizes has been "iPods, CDs, DVDs, autographed band merch, books, software, extra cash and more!" One of the creators, Jake Nickell, won a contest for his t shirt design in London.  So, he thought this would be an awesome concept to do it worldwide, hence he started up this company. It order to increase you odds for your T shirt to be made, Threadless have themed competitions going on with a date range, but that shouldn't stop you from submitting your own designed t shirt!

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  1. Jessica 26 November, 2007 at 08:48

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