iTurbo iPod Charger

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While I have seen so many iPods in use I have often wondered how often
those that use them constantly have to charge them. I know my daughter
doesn't use hers that often so she will charge it once a week, but
someone that utilizes the iPod in their car, while at work and then
again at home or to work out might have more issues with battery life.

iTurbo has the answer to all
your problems, if the above is your case, and allows you to charge your
iPod on the run. Never run out of power while using your iPod.

This electronic, portable and reusable little gadget will keep your
iPod going and going and going...with only a little "energizer" power
needed. With a guarantee never
to overcharge or damage your iPod, you can feel safe while using this
to keep you going while trying to enjoy your favorite tunes or
podcasts. The iTurbo uses a standard AA battery (think about using a
rechargeable in this, too, to save on future charges, and you end up
charging with a charger that needs charging!)

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