A Real All-In-One Card Reader

I think the Brando all-in-one card reader is truly an over the top idea.  In fact, it is useless to me because I still use the SmartMedia Card.  Call me old fashioned, whatever.  But this 55 in 1 card reader has every single card that I can think of covered but does NOT happen to have a SmartMedia Card reader included.  Isn't that amazing?

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I know many feel that those cards are going by the wayside technologically but if you are going to create a 55 in 1 reader, why not go for 56?

Might be useful for someone though and it is definitely worth the cost if you have many different cards to sort through and read.  Take a peek and you tell me if you think it would replace your favorite card reader...

USB 2.0 and compatible with both PC and Mac.  Plug and play installation makes this much easier to work with than some printers with card readers, too.

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