Toshiba GigaBeat MP3

Toshiba has unveiled the GigaBeat MP3 player and it's packed with similar features to the296939419 df3ead8747 m iPod.  With 1.1" OLED displays, both models will be attractive to buyers.  A 1GB P10K and a 2GB P20K are revealed with built in FM tuners.  Also they have USB connections to make it easier to transfer music from computer to player.

In addition, they have 5 preset EQ modes, voice recorder and around 14 hours of audio playback.  They will be available next month in Japan.  Pricing is from around $120 for the smaller capacity and $150 for the larger capacity.

One nice feature is that the front face can be removed and replaced with a more personalized design.  Who doesn't like that?


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