Sony Ericsson P990i

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Recently the P Series from Sony got a gadget makeover.  With upgrades that would make any cellphone user jealous, the tri-band phone uses GSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900.

Running on Symbian 9.1 OS and UIQ 3 platform only makes this phone more desireable.  It's Wi-Fi capable (802.11b plus flight mode) and includes push email for Blackberry, infrared, 3G, USB, remote sync via SyncML, Opera 8 web browser, a VPN client, VRML, Java and Bluetooth.

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Included with all the goodies already mentioned, are a Word and Excel editor, Powerpoint viewer, PDF viewer and pretty much all you need to operate an office away from your office.  Heck, you might as well go all mobile with this setup!

Boasting 80MB internal memory and a slot for memory stick duo - 64MB comes with it as well.  But, that's not all!  An FM radio with RDS and a 2-megapixel camera that uses autofocus and a special photolight, too.

With three hours of 3G talk time and nine hours of normal talk time you will stay busier than you ever have.  Standby is supposed to be twelve days for 3G and sixteen days for GSM.  An amazing production from Sony.  Visit their site and check this model out.


  1. Ran Kailie 10 May, 2006 at 09:06

    And I thought I was in love with the K750i which seems like it won’t be out in the US.

    Wow thats an awesome cell phone, though I’m sure I’ll be bartering my first born child for it and maybe a limb or two.

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