Cellphone Garter For Sexy Gals

Phonegarter_largeThere are three reasons you would ever need a cellphone garter, which in my opinion, is the most utterly useless piece of elastic waste. The only excusable uses are:

1. Going to a very formal Christmas party where you won't be carrying a fancy evening purse because it interferes with all the free booze. You gotta use both hands in this case, and you'll need a phone to find your way back home.
2. It's Halloween, and you're dressed up like a slutty tech agent.
3. You use it to hold a recorder, that can only record some very incriminating conversations. Especially if you're planning to blackmail a very bad man.

Otherwise, you're on your own girlfriend. Let us know if you get some undesirable looks, and don't say we didn't tell you so. Via Ubergizmo

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