LiceBuster Saves Your Locks

Lousebuster If you're living in less than desirable dorm conditions, and you find yourself sharing a tiny space with a bunch of underage drinkers that believe showers are a waste of time, then you might want to avoid an impending lice infestation. But if it's too late, then the LouseBuster is here ready to save your and your roomies locks from a horrible fate.  This clever blow dryer-like device kills bugs and eggs by drying them out. Yuck!  According to the story on CNN: "The appliance works by blowing twice as much air as a typical blow dryer, he said. Treatments typically take 20 to 30 minutes, he said, although in the study they lasted 30 to 35 minutes." Just writing about it makes me feel dirty. Anyway, the creators claim this is more effective than shampoos that normally deal with the problem. Eeeww. Are you feeling a little itchy?

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