Mirror Helps You Be All You Can Be

Everyone needs some motivation when confronted with life changing decisions such as changing your diet or starting an exercise routine. Celebs look great, but you have to remember they have a staff that prepares all their meals, schedules their exercise routines, and do all their grocery shopping.

But thanks to Accenture Technology, we all may soon find ourselves face to face with our very own drill sergeant/fitness coach/dietitian. The "persuasive" mirror acts as a guide of sorts, that produces before and after images of your outer shell after gathering data through cameras on each side of a panel. Its mission is to provide you with morphed images of an improved, slimmer, healthier you that would be the result of basic good habits. And who doesn't need the motivation? A morphed hotter image of myself might help me cut down on that midnight snacking, as long as it makes me look like Beyonce. Via Engadget

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