Automatic Soap dispenser for truly clean hands

automatic-soap-dispenserThe toilet isn't exactly the cleanest place on earth, which is why it is important to wash one's hands upon completion of your task, be it big or small. However, the idea of washing my soap-lathered hands by turning on a filthy tap (especially in public toilets) and then using the same pair of now clean hands to turn off the tap is pretty ironic to me. What more, using dirty hands to obtain soap from a soap dispenser manually can be quite the turn off for some people as well. Thankfully, the Automatic Infrared Soap Dispenser solves this problem by dispensing soap automatically without any germs making a transit trip either way.

The Autoamtic Infrared Soap Dispenser can hold up to 10 oz of liquid soap and is operated by a quartet of AA batteries. Each purchase will set you back by $39, so it will cost a small fortune if you want to equip your entire home with one at each sink. Hopefully they will sell a combo that includes the Automatic Infrared Soap Dispenser and an Automatic Tap to eliminate the earlier irony I mentioned.

Source: Red Ferret

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